The Wines of Colorado

8045 W. Hwy 24 Cascade, CO 80809
Tuesdays-Sundays: 11AM-8PM


Nestled at the foot of Pikes Peak in Cascade, Colorado, The Wines of Colorado is an unheralded, romantic oasis and an easy 15 minute drive from downtown Colorado Springs. True to its name, the restaurant, tasting room, retail wine sales and gift shop, all do a brisk sip-and-sup business, but while oenophiles can be found sniffing their way around the tasting room, epicureans retire to the wood planked deck or Creekside dining area to feast on towering sandwiches and burgers, including the very popular buffalo wine burger, a juice-dribbling, hand formed patty sky scraped with grilled onions, sautéed mushrooms, and roasted green chilis. Shielded from the sun by wispy willow trees and aromatic pines along the creek, The Wines of Colorado is the perfect place to enjoy your getaway.


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Sets Us Apart

Representing over 55 Colorado Wineries, we are proud to offer the largest selection of Colorado Wines in the State!

There were quite a few vineyards at the turn of the century, but many were converted to orchards during prohibition. Now Colorado grapes are growing again because they are a hardy crop that is resistant to frost. Good news for wine connoisseurs, who gladly compare these vintages to wines from California. From rich Chardonnays to robust Merlots to wines made from cherries, peaches, plums and honey, Colorado wines enjoy a well deserved reputation for top quality. The free wine tasting gives buyers more confidence when buying different wines. Many return weekly or monthly to pick up old favorites and try something new

Wine Selection

Alfred Eames Cellars
Alfred Eames Cellineyars
Allis Ranch Winery
Anemoi Wines
Avanti Vineyards
BookCliff Vineyards
Canyon Wind Cellars
Carlson Vineyards
Chill Switch
Colorado Cellars/Rocky Mountain Vineyards
Colterris Wines
Cotton Wood Cellars
Desert Moon Vineyards
Garfield Estates Vineyard & Winery
Garrett Estates Cellars
Grande River Vineyards
Graystone Winery
Guy Drew Vineyards
Maison la Belle Vie Winery
Meadery of the Rockies
Mesa Park Vineyards
Mountain Spirit Winery
Plum Creek Cellars
Redstone Meadery
>Spero Winery
St. Kathryns Cellars Winery
Stoney Mesa Winery
Talon Winery
The Infinite Monkey Theorem
The Winery at Holy Cross Abbey
The Winery at Pikes Peak
Two Rivers
Vino Salida Wine Cellars
Winter Park Winery
Woody Creek Cellars

Creekside Dining

Cascade, Colorado is located in the foothills at the exit to the Pikes Peak Highway. It has a wonderful climate in the summer and fall with cool fresh air and warm afternoons. Dine in the shade of the willows and pines next to Fountain Creek or on our sunny deck overlooking the creek. Combined with great food and wine, this is the Colorado experience you have been looking for.

Complimentary Wine Tasting

The idea behind a wine tasting restaurant was to expose the public to Colorado Wines. It is a little known fact that Colorado has an ideal climate for grape-growing. The hot summer days, cool evenings and high altitude, similar to conditions in Italy, France and parts of California, are perfect. Colorado’s grape-growing regions range in elevation from 4000 to 7000 feet and are thus among the highest vineyards in the world, resulting in hot days accompanied by cool nights. The long warm daylight hours of intense high altitude sunlight mature the fruit completely and build the natural sugars. The cool evenings cause the grapes to retain the acids so vital to premium wine making.

Our History

Marv Parliament gets a twinkle in his eye when he talks about building his business. It was the challenge that he loved. The mechanics of fitting together the right food, atmosphere and location had him intrigued.

Colorado Springs Wine Bar
As the marketing director of the Pittsburgh Penguins years ago, he remembered a roadside barbecue restaurant that specialized in grilling chicken and burgers outdoors. He wondered how they attracted so many diners. He also remembered an outdoor burger joint near his hometown in Ontario, Canada. People by the droves would park up and down the road and wait in line for a lousy burger. Marv thought about what would happen if you served a good burger? He watched what would become his current location for a few years, as a variety of businesses opened and closed in the old 7-11 building at the turnoff to Pikes Peak Highway in Cascade, Colorado.

When the opportunity presented itself 15 years ago, Marv’s intrigue into opening a roadside restaurant became a reality. What better location than at the foot of America’s Mountain with constant traffic year round. To further enhance the appeal to stop in, Marv was able to offer complimentary wine tasting and the sale of Colorado Wines.

Friends were skeptical. What if it did not work and subsequently failed? Marv chuckled and thought “If we don’t make it, we will drink wine all winter.”

Knowing that an important part of a successful restaurant is curb appeal, he contacted the Business of Art Center to find a muralist. Alan Burton transformed the plain cinder block building into a work of art. Marv and his wife Francie gathered the necessities, buying only what they could pay for to create a special atmosphere, one that was uniquely their own.

That year they started serving burgers – good ones. Then a man pulled in and asked if they served wine burgers? He said there is a place in Phoenix that serves them and you can not get a seat there. That was all Marv needed to hear. He created his own wine burger with grilled onions, sautéed mushrooms and roasted green chili’s and the menu started to grow.

Marv had always enjoyed cooking so creating new dishes was fun to him. At first, a few sandwiches and appetizers were added to the menu. Next Marv’s homemade Buffalo Chili and the number one selling Buffalo Burger were added. Now it is a full menu with many local favorites like Salmon Caesar Salad, Trout Almondine and a Pulled Pork sandwich. Today the restaurant is the favorite of locals, business owners and visitors alike. They come for the atmosphere, to be in the mountains and to enjoy creekside dining. Once you visit, it will be one of your favorites as well.



“Best Creekside Dining”
– 2011 & 2012 – Gazette

“Best Outdoor Dining”
– 2007 & 2008 – Gazette

“Best Restaurant for Tourists”
“Best Patio Dining”
– Colorado Springs Independent, 2005

“Best Buffalo Burger”
“Best Outdoor Dining”
“Best Burger”
– 2002, 2003, 2005 – Gazette


Featured in the Wall Street Journal!
“Now, you might not think that an enoteca is unusual for California. Well, how about one in Cascade, Colo., in the foothills at the exit to the Pikes Peak Highway? The Wines of Colorado says it boasts the largest selection of Colorado wines in the state and tasting is free, according to Marvin Parliament, who owns the business and grill-type restaurant…”

Colorado AvidGolfer – July 2007, p.58, “SideBets”
“Nesting below Pikes Pike, near Colorado Springs, The Wines of Colorado is an unheralded, romantic oasis in which to picnic along the banks of Fountain Creek. True to its name, the restaurant, gift shop and winery does a brisk sip-and-sup business, but while oenophiles can be found sniffing their way around the tasting counter, epicureans retire to the wooden-planked deck to feast on towering sandwiches and burgers, including the buffalo wine burger, a juice-dribbling, hand-formed patty sky-scraped with roasted green chilies, sauteed forest mushrooms, grilled onions and cheese. If you really want to get away from it all, take your foodstuffs and a bottle of wine down to one of the two coveted picnic tables on the river. Shielded from the sun by wispy willow trees and aromatic pines, it’s the perfect place to ponder your summer vacation.”